Star Reeds

Flat Reed

STAR — Brand flat dent reeds for higher productivity loom types such as Rapier and Projectile looms are manufactured with high quality Raw material.

STAR Reeds produces flat dents with exceptional resistance and elongation by the highest precision both in thickness and width by maximum exploitation of the surfaces

STAR manufactures quality flat reeds for high speed looms with Imported, Indigenous stainless steel, Carbon steel dents of 3mm & 4mm width, high grade aluminium alloy baulk and Epoxy Glue.

STAR Brand flat dent reeds are manufactured using Imported Reed framing machine, precise spacing, straight body, smooth surface high durability, even and elastic dents flexible enough to absorb shocks and vibration during weaving.

Automation, Best quality Raw material selection and tight quality control ensures that STAR Brand Reeds are quality products made for long life and best quality fabric.